Our College

Separate structural subdivision 

"Zaporizhzhia Vocational College of Computer Technologies

of National University "Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic"


One of the oldest educational institutions in this field, was established as Zaporizhzhya Engineering College on May 4, 1944. It is an educational institution with a rich history, established educational traditions and experience of pedagogical heritage.

The first graduation of students in 1946 was only 12 people, but in 1950 the college graduated 137 technicians. During the first five years of post-war reconstruction and development of the national economy, the college educates 350 specialists in agricultural engineering, who were sent to work at various enterprises.

In 1950, 440 students were already studying at the college. In 1954, the college for the first time enrolled students for evening studies in the amount of 186 people. The total contingent of students in 1955 was 747 people. In the same year, the college is experiencing a new page of its development.

The technical school educated specialists with secondary special education, namely technicians-technologists for metal processing by cutting; technicians-technologists and mechanical technicians for the production of agricultural machinery; electrical technicians for electrical equipment of industrial enterprises and installations; technicians-technologists in tool production; mechanical technicians in automobile and tractor construction; radio technicians and technicians-technologists in radio apparatus construction; technicians-technologists for the production of semiconductor devices.

To educateradio technicians, it was necessary to create special laboratories, such as electrical engineering, radio engineering, radio receiving and radio transmitting devices. In 1965, the college celebrated its housewarming, moving to a new building, which it occupies now in the city center.

From 1966 to 1991 the college was subordinated to the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR, since January 1967 the educational institution was renamed into the College of Electronic Devices. Thanks to the constant care of the Ministry, the college was able to achieve significant success in the educating of electronic specialists.

In 1991, the Technical School of Electronic Devices was transformed into Zaporizhzhya College of Radio Electronics and transferred to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Since 2004, according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 726 of 14.09.2004 and the order of Zaporizhzhia National Technical University No. 245 of 13.12.2006, Zaporizhzhia College of Radio Electronics was reorganized into a separate structural subdivision of Zaporizhzhia National Technical University.

Since 2020, Zaporizhzhia College of Radio Electronics of National University "Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic" was renamed into Zaporizhzhia Vocational College of Computer Technologies of National University "Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic".

The college educates in the following specialties:

  • 172 "Telecommunications and Radio Technology"

  • 174 "Automation, computer-integrated technologies and robotics"

  • 171 "Electronics" 

  • 113 "Applied Mathematics"

  • 123 "Computer engineering"

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